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  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Asians & Friends Constitutional By-Laws
  • Name Change from Long Yang Club Denver to Asians & Friends Denver

    Statement of Inclusiveness:
    Everyone is included on the basis of who they are and where they are within their life. We offer social-support as many work to synthesize an identity that incorporates and celebrates uniqueness, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

    Asians & Friends Denver welcomes members of all races, cultures and backgrounds. A diverse multicultural array of people of all ages and ethnicities form a common thread of appreciation, admiration, and supporting a multicultural exchange of friendship - this includes everyone from both Eastern and Western hemispheres.

    Non-Discrimination Policy:
    As a non-profit organization, Asians & Friends Denver does not discriminate against anyone who shares our goals and purposes. Membership is open to any person regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, race, sexual orientation, gender, religious belief, gender identity or gender expression who may be interested in supporting or furthering the goals of the organization.

    Sexual Harassment Policy:
    Asians & Friends Denver endeavors to create a safe environment for our members, friends and guests where everyone can meet without the fear of harassment or unwanted advances, sexual or non-sexual. This applies to any group meeting or event.

    Asians & Friends Denver is a social club that emphasizes friendships. Of course, single people may meet a future lifelong partner at the club, but our primary goal is to provide a space where people can socialize, share common interests, build bridges between different cultures, and enjoy activities and time together.

    Fun, good-natured, spiritedly-playful behavior and lively, colorful conversation is expected and can be healthy part of a social and friendly atmosphere. Asians & Friends embraces healthy and kind environment to create fun and memorable good times with friends, with respect to each other. The objective of the group activities are designed to be fun, good-natured, and about friendship and support.

    The Board of Directors reserves the right to address any member or guest seen to be indulging in inappropriate, aggressive, unwelcome or predatory behavior towards other members or guests at a club event may be politely cautioned or asked to leave in sever cases or if such behavior continues.

    If any member or guest persists in unwanted sexual harassment, then they will be removed from the situation and meet privately with board members who will re-clarify this policy per the additional Sexual Harassment Administrative Clarification Policy to ensure compliance. Further digressions from the code of conduct will be handled at the discretion of the Board to make the final decision.

    This policy mirrors the same policies as all other organizations consistent with Title VII provisions outlined in the Civil Rights Act of 1991 and Colorado Revised Statutes. This policy and much of the language used also mirrors and is consistent with same policies from:
    If you have any questions about the Sexual Harassment Policy, the Sexual Harassment Administrative Clarification Policy, or inappropriate behavior to report, please contact the Board of Directors. All reports will be kept confidential.
    Full Sexual Harassment Policy

    Liability Waivers for Group Outdoor Activities
    Participants are asked to sign a waiver on Asians & Friends Denver outings.

  • Link to Acknowledgement of Outing Member Responsibility
  • Link to Sign In Sheet Liability Waiver

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    Asians & Friends Denver is a sole entity operating independently and registered as a nonprofit corporation with the State of Colorado and Internal Revenue Service. While we encourage our membership to help individuals and other organizations in the community, all activities, assistance and support that we provide other organizations in good faith by our members is entirely voluntary, and does not establish any legal connection nor implied legal or financial liability to Asians & Friends Denver or LYC Colorado, Inc. Copyright 2011 Asian & Friends Denver All Rights Reserved.
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