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Help make Asians & Friends Denver be all that we can be!


We need talented and energetic people for:
  • Fundraising
  • Outreach
  • Planning team
  • Technical, Facebook, and Website Assistance

    We can also match up your skill set and create a position for you.

    If you would like to help organize a new event, or would like to help coordinate an existing event, please contact a Board member or the event coordinator.

    Or run for office: Asians & Friends Denver Officer elections are held every February.
    To volunteer, email Asians & Friends Denver at afdenver.net@gmail.com or talk with an Officer.
    We are happy to hear from you!


    Subject: I would like to volunteer at Asians & Friends Denver!

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    Asians & Friends Denver is a sole entity operating independently and registered as a nonprofit corporation with the State of Colorado and Internal Revenue Service. While we encourage our membership to help individuals and other organizations in the community, all activities, assistance and support that we provide other organizations in good faith by our members is entirely voluntary, and does not establish any legal connection nor implied legal or financial liability to Asians & Friends Denver or LYC Colorado, Inc. Copyright 2011 Asian & Friends Denver All Rights Reserved.
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